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The Signature of Excellence in Professional Skin Care :

the mythology, the professional expertise, the quality process. For more than 60 years, Sothys’ success in the luxury market has depended on it keeping faith with the values that have gone to make up its identity: Concentration on investment in the Institutes of Beauty, the cradle and future of the brand.

Scientific advances in unique formulas developed in Research establishments combined with specific care and massage methods. A deliberately top of the range approach which places the customer and her well-being at the heart of Sothys treatments. Finally, a truly international vision with 15,000 points of sale in more than 110 countries! Now, more than ever before, the basis of the drive of a family firm like Sothys is its ability to stay true to itself while at the same time providing new answers in the changing world of Beauty.

Skin Cleansers & Beauty Milks

Vitality Cleansing Milk


Based on the extract of grapefruit, it eliminates surface impurities, improving suppleness and softness of the skin. This Beauty Milk removes makeup and cleanses both the face and neck area. Contains Grapefruit Extract which effectively dissolves sebum while softening and purifying the complexion. Removes makeup and cleanses both the face and the neck area. Suitable for all skin with blackheads, normal-combination skin. Effectively dissolves sebum while softening and purifying the complexion.

Comfort Cleansing Milk


Gently removes makeup and cleanses skin. An ideal cleanser for those with dry or dehydrated skin. Formulated with Aloe Vera extract, this cleanser helps to quickly reduce inflammation and soothe skin.

Clarity Cleansing Milk


Unctuous and soothing, for a supple and soft skin. A gentle cleanser formulated for sensitive and reactive skin. Efficiently and gently remove makeup while cleansing the skin with this fragrance-free cleanser. It properly protects against any foreign substance entering into the skin, thus preventing skin irritation.

Purity Cleanser


Rich with Camphor Extract Derived from the wood of the camphor tree, indigenous to China and Japan. A potent extract that respects the skin's own natural oils, but capable of eliminating excess impurities. Camphor is antiseptic and astringent.

Skin Lotions

Vitality Lotion


With witch hazel, horsetail and cucumber, alcohol-free.

This product helps complete a proper skin cleansing. A lotion that removes left over residue and balances the pH of the skin. It is suitable for all skin with blackheads and normal to combination skin. It helps normalize skin while it tightening pores.

Comfort Lotion


Soothing, with natural extracts, alcohol-free. Specially formulated with honey extracts to remove any left behind residue.

While cleansing, it also balances pH levels, prolonging hydration by limiting water evaporation with honey extract. Ideal for dry skin.

Clarity Lotion


No alcohol or fragrances. For a light complexion.

A product that completes a proper skin cleansing.

Remove any leftover residue and balance pH levels with this soothing lotion. It is suitable for all types of sensitive and reactive skin. It contains allantoin extract which provides amazing soothing properties while helping heal the skin.

Purity Lotion


No alcohol or fragrances. For a light complexion. A toning lotion that completes a thorough cleansing.

Ideal for oily skin with blemish problems, this lotion removes any leftover residue and balances the pH of skin. It effectively removes excess skin oils and microorganisms while acting as an antiseptic to control oil and tighten pores.

Sensitive Skin - Dry Skin

Nutrithys Creme for Ultra-Dry Skin


Comforting, extra nourishing and protective : rich in ceramides and Cohesine® (helps prevent flaking).

• A super-nourishing day and/or night cream for very dry skin with performing ingredients that reduce both water and lipid loss.
• Leaves the skin with a smooth and moist finish.
• Leaves a protecting film on the skin due to its oil-in-water texture.


Nutrithys Nourishing Serum


Nourishing with vegetable oils and essential fatty acids. Rapidly absorbed, for velvety, protected skin.


• A fine textured serum made of a concentration of 55% plant oils that is quickly absorbed into the skin.
• A treatment-formulated product to be used on a consistent daily basis in conjunction with a Sothys cream.
• An active fluid with skin-conditioning results of softening and protecting.

Ligne Peau Grasse for Oily Skin

Hydra-Matt Fluid


A biotechnological compound with almond proteins and absorbant powders make up this fresh and light gel to reduce shine, moisturize* and protect. To absorb and regularize subum and to also hydrate and protect the skin, Hydra-Matt Fluid utilizes absorbing powders and almond protein. This daily care product specifically provides a matt complexion, tightens pores and hydrates. It should be used on a clean face, and spread by small circular movements, for long lasting makeup application.

Active Creme


Soft and soothing with liquorice extracts and biostimuline from sweet corn.

Active Cream works to regenerate, hydrate and soothe the skin. It contains ingredients, including liquorice extract (anti-inflammatory, healing); and allantoin (healing agent); Biostimulins of corn grains (stimulates cell renewal). An immediate feeling of comfort is regained and a well moisturized and matt skin is achieved.

Absorbant Mask


A creamy texture enriched with powders and menthol for a clear complexion and clean, shine-free, healthy skin.

• This cooling mask absorbs sebum excess, eliminates impurities and tightens the pores.
• A soft and smooth-textured mask that aids in drying blemishes.
• Enables the skin to regain its usual freshness and clearer and matt appearance.
• Easy to apply; and easy to remove.



Clarifying and astringent active ingredients to help eliminate persistent impurities and with a radiant complexion.

This is a recommended beauty treatment for all beauty regimens. It is a highly effective treatment that dissolves sebum and facilitates the removal of blackheads. Enhanced with wheat coco and amino acid to liquify excess sebum and leave the complexion clarified.

Hydroptimale TH13 & Moisturizing Line

Hydroptimale THI3 Light Hydrating Cream


An innovative creamy gel with essential fatty acids and H20 liposomes for a shine-free complexion that leaves your skin supple and protected.

• An innovative day or night cream gel recommended for normal to oily skin.
• A protecting and hydrating water-based cream gel.
• Hydroptimale® Gel reinforces the skin's protection mechanism. This better performance is due to the product's time-released microencapsulated technology.

Hydroptimale THI3 Comfort Hydrating Cream


Your skin is given a moisturizing* covering that protects and soothes.

• An innovative day or night cream recommended for dry, mature, photo-damaged skin.
• A rich water-based cream that protects and hydrates.
• Hydroptimale Cream reinforces the skin's protection mechanism. This better performance is due to the product's time-released microencapsulated technology.


Lift Defence Silky Creme


A fresh texture, containing powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredients : Antiglyskin®, Proteasyl®, Photopreventine®.

Reduces lines and tones skin. This is an excellent daytime compliment to a morning regimen that can be applied after cleansing. Ideal for normal to oily skin, this creme stimulates cellular metabolism, strengthens skin's elasticity, and works to reduce fine lines.

Lift Defence Enriched Creme


A rich, unctuous cream with skin regenerative properties (same complex of active ingredients).A cream that intensely hydrates mature skin.

This cream rapidly absorbs leaving skin velvety and comfortable. While strengthening your skin's elastic fibers and reducing the appearance of fine lines, it also reinforces the skin's protection barrier while stimulating cellular metabolism.

Noctuelle with Vitamin C


With AHA and vitamin C for an anti-wrinkle effect and a clear and rested complexion in the morning.

An active night cream for skin that prevents and diminishes the first signs of aging.Thanks to the 8% AHA complex in this night cream the complexion is bright and healthy. The AHA complex provides hydration and mild micro-exfoliation to the skin's top layers. It is a quickly absorbing cream that leaves the skin extremely soft.

Oxyliance Creme


Softening and stabilizing with Skin Bio-ecolia®. It melts into the skin to leave it shine-free and radiant. Recommended for skins that are stressed, or clogged by pollution or tobacco. Morning and/or evening.

A skin therapy cream that boosts the skin's vitality.

A day or night cream that quickly absorbs leaving a soft, supple finish. It contains a dynamic plant complex made from corn & wheat, which provide the ideal amount of energy to cells, thus improving the skin's ability to absorb oxygen. Oxyliance Cream also protects against environmental aggressors such as second-hand smoke and pollution.

Specific Eyecare

Active-Contour Tensor Gel


"New generation product" with Liftiline®, for a smooth, firm, toned outline.

A smoothing gel that is suitable for all skin types to provide firmness to eye area. Tensor Gel has a fresh gel texture that offers instant radiance and revitalizes the eyes. This product fights against slackening and provides a tensing effect while making the skin softer.

Active-Contour Age Defying Cream


An intensive cream with high tech plant active ingredients for a skin that is revitalized and remodeled, with under-eye circles and wrinkles attenuated / reduced.

A fluid emulsion that aids in preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for all skin types this cream reduces the depth of wrinkles while revitalizing and destressing the skin. It fights against slackening of the skin and provides a tensing effect. A mixture of caffeine and natural actives help to reabsorb the fat accumulation responsible for the formation of bags under the eyes.

Active-Contour Destressing Mask


A cool translucent gel to help remove bags under the eyes, with cornflower, chamomile, witch hazel and sage. Products tested by ophthalmologists. A fresh gel for all skin types that soothes and reduces puffiness around the eyes. This mask refreshes, destresses, and relaxes the eye contour while making the skin firmer. It provides an excellent hydrating effect and also protects collagen and elastin fibers.

Intensive Care Serum

Lift Defense 2 Serum


A new generation of age-defying intensive treatment with the Decrisp'line™ complex (to smooth and relax wrinkles) for a restructured, firmed, smoothed and youthful face. To be used morning and evening. For reinforced protection, follow with your usual Sothys cream. Proven efficiency.

An anti-aging serum that restructures tissues and has an anti-wrinkle, smoothing, retinol-like effect. A serum that provides the skin with an active/passive defense system. This product improves cellular communication while stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. The texture is extremely soft with a satiny effect that smoothes lines

Clarte & Confort Concentrated Serum for Fragile Capillaries


A highly efficient concentrated formula with natural polyphenols and proven regulation, protection and immediate soothing properties. The ideal treatment complement the Light and Protective cream for an optimum result! The serum boosts the action of the cream by 50% on patches of redness.

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