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Lash Curl

Enjoy curled lashes that make your eyes look fresh and full of energy.  No more hassle of eye-pinching curlers.  First, a perm glue is applied at the base of the lashes.  Next lashes are carefully placed on a roller and dabbed with perm lotion containing aloe and other nourishing ingredients.  Finally, lashes are allowed to set.   All chemicals used are eye safe.  The curling process usually takes 1-1/2 hours to completion.

Lash Curl ................................. $60

Lashes will remain permanently curled for up to three months.  Enhances the appearance of your eyes 24/7.  Looks natural.  Use of mascara will enhance lashes, or you can go natural.  Gives your eyes a new look, wake up with curly, dark and waterproof lashes.

Blinc and Revitalash - Enhance your lashes with these products

Extra Information: For lashes that are weakened or damaged by overheating free radicals, or stresses, it is recommend to combine with Blinc's Lash Primer ($16).  This product will nourish and condition your lashes as well as amplify your mascara's effect.  Can be used by day and at night while you sleep. And, Renew Eyelash Revitalizer($80).  This is a very effective, concentrated formulation which conditions and promotes the appearance of long, thick, beautiful eyelashes.