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Bion - Bacteriostat Cleanser

Bion - Bacteriostat Cleanser


Use this powerful cleanser for dry and sensitive skin types, especially acne. It is ideal for rosacea and acne rosacea. This has effective bacterial control against acne and other undesirable bacteria.

Bion - Bollicle Clearing Lotion


This gentle formula is ideal for acne clients with dry to sensitive skin. It is a superior product for rosacea and acne rosacea, and is an important agent in keeping follicles clear. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients which include glycolic acid.

Bion Blackhead/Whitehead Controller


This amazing product dissolves sebum plugs that have developed into blackheads and whiteheads and inhibits the development of new plugs. Twice daily use dissolves blackheads in 3 to 4 week.

Bion - Acne Inhibiting Gel Image


Clients with severe acne or herpes simplex respond well to this. For severe acne, it should be used once daily. It provides a quick control of cold sores when applied 3-4 times the first day of symptoms. This gel is a strong stimulator of the skin's immune responses.

Bion - Glycolic Foot Cream


The 20% glycolic acid and the intense softening agents help exfoliate, smooth and soften rough, thick, damaged and unsightly skin on the feet, elbows, knees, etc.

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